Horror, Zombie, Adventure Horror Adventure Zombie Edition

Feb - Nov 2022

TBA - Currently working on this VR zombie Shooter.

Horror, Zombie, Adventure Zombie Slaughter VR

Jan - May 2022

Zombie Slaughter is a Virtual Reality (VR) horror zombie shooter developed for the Steam Platform. I was the only Unity Developer on this project and worked with Nipsapp Gaming studios on this project.

Mystery, Escape room Crowhille - Detective Case Files VR

September - October 2021

I worked as a Game Developer to fix the bugs on this game before its Steam Release. I collaborated with developers in Nipsapp Gaming Studios to understand the problems in this game and fix them.

Virtual Event Grupo Fair

Jan - October 2021

GRUPO FAIR is a high-end virtual reality platform developed with 360° 3D technology, to host virtual events like - Trade Fairs, Job Fairs, Conferences & Summits, Business Events, along with an option to socialize with peers by gaming on VR.

Educational, Action/Adventure Game of Physics (Android/iOS)

April - September 2021

Game of Physics is an action adventure melee combat based educational game for Android/iOS. The main objective is to teach the student a particular subject using gameplay thereby making it a fun learning experience.

Action/Adventure VR Treasure Raider

June- August 2020

I worked as a Unity Developer to fine tune/polish and fix bugs to publish the game.

Horror, VR Space Explore VR

Jan - March 2021

Space Explore is a game as well as an educational simulation. Experience the thrill of viewing The Earth in orbit which is unparalleled in Virtual Reality. Out on Steam, Oculus and HTC Viveport Stores - In the process of approval.

Horror, VR Horror Adventure VR

Feb - July 2020

Horror Adventure VR is a interactive experience set in a procedurally generated haunted house. You're a paranormal investigator and you find yourself exploring what appears to be a old abandoned manor. You will be able to interact with basic items and limited tools at your disposal. Out now on the Oculus Store, Steam and Viveport Stores

Sports, Android/iOS In the Slot

Jan - March 2020

In the Slot is a 2D hockey game I worked on with my client Cruzata Technologies, Indore. I was responsible for developing and publishing this game on Android/iOS. The gameplay has the 'offensive' player playing against defensive AI opponents. You dodge and score till the time runs out.

Simulation, Education Electrolysis

Jan 2020

This is a chemistry simulation created for students to understand the basic principles of the electrolysis. I worked with Escavel Edtech Innovations, Pune as a remote developer in January 2020 to develop this simulation. Their primary focus was on producing realistic particle effects to simulate various chemistry principles. I was involved in all aspects of development including conceptualization, design and development.

Casual, Facebook Messenger Shubh Aarambh Facebook Instant Game

Nov 2019

I was subcontracted by Simpli5 Infotech to develop a promotional Facebook Instant Game for a TV show "Shubh Aarambh". This game was used for promoting the TV show "Shubh Aarambh" by Colors Endemol and was created in a period of 7 days. I was solely responsible for developing and publishing this game on the messenger platform (Android/iOS/Web)

Simulation, Sports Derby Restobar Sports Simulation Game

July 2019 - September 2019

I developed a sports simulation game that runs on the 'Derby Restobar' restaurant big screen in BKC, Mumbai. I was subcontracted by Simpli5 Infotech Pvt. Ltd in July 2019 to develop this game over a period of 2 months. The game has 2 simulations (Horse Race and Greyhound race) and the entire execution was handled on my end.

Simulation, Education States of Matter

Nov - Dec 2019

This is a chemistry simulation created for students to understand the basic principles of the states of matter, their molecular structure along with the phase changes. I worked with Escavel Edtech Innovations, Pune as a remote developer in November 2019 to develop this simulation. Their primary focus was on producing realistic particle effects to simulate various chemistry principles. I was involved in all aspects of development including conceptualization, design and development.

Action, Fighting Gladiator: Blades of Fury

September 2018 - Feb 2019

Gladiator: Blades of Fury is a third person melee combat fighting game set in the medieval era. You can select upto 20 characters each having unique weapons, move abilities and fight to win the Championship. This was developed and published for my client Yash Future Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd in about 4 months. This game is created with Unity3D and I was responsible for almost all aspects of Game Development excluding graphic asset creation.

FPS Adventure The Unknown City

July 2018

The Unknown City is a First Person Zombie Horror Shooter released on Steam. I was responsible for polishing, testing and debugging and finally publishing this game. This was my first project with client Yash Future Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Adventure, VR Cabin in the Woods VR
December 2017

Cabin in the Woods is a VR Horror game for the Google Cardboard. This is my IP and is published on Google Play store. In this game, you play a detective investigating a murder in a haunted house. It has received positive reviews and is my most successful game till date. I designed and developed this game in under a month. The house and interior models were taken from sketchup community.

2D Platformer Planet Doom

November 2017

Planet Doom was my first 2D platformer based on sci-fi movies that I loved. It has narrative based gameplay with 10 levels and a play time of around 15-30 mins. In this game, your mission is to guide a droid across the dystopian planet to defuse a bomb. You face challenges and obstacles along the way. This is my IP and I had a lot of fun designing this game. Development time was around 21 days.

Sports Street Volleyball

September 2017

My first game ever made with Unity3D! A 2D headball game made for Android/iOS. It was inspired by Blob Volleyball, a game I used to play a lot in my childhood. It took 2 weeks to get the game working along with the player controller, AI, UI and publishing.

3D Endless Runner Hyper Space Racer

July 2018

A 3D Endless space runner that will test your reflexes. I undertook this project to understand the basics of level generation in endless runners with the help of prefabs. It was great fun learning the mechanics. It also uses mopub ad network for monetization and in-app purchases.

Casual, Platformer Roller Ball Addiction

January 2018

I created this game for a client based on his idea. It has about 15 levels with simple graphics.

Casual, Platformer Fuzzball Jump

September 2017

Based out of doodle jump, this game was created while I was learning the basics of 2D gaming. With the art taken from the asset store, mobile accelerometer based control and simplistic UI, I successfully published this game on the Play Store/App Store in 3 days.

Modding CS 1.6 Level Design

July 2015

Created a CS 1.6 Map using the Hammer Valve editor provided in the Source SDK engine. This was done during my game design learning days back in 2015.

Unity3D Tasks & Prototypes

MAAC, Andheri (Aptech Pvt. Ltd.)

At MAAC, I was hired as an onsite Contractual Unity3D developer for the production of a proprietary AR application. The duration of the project was 2 months from March to May 2018. Sadly, most of my work during this time is under NDA, but I assure you, it was really good!
Responsibilities included:
  1. Developing the AR application for android with Vuforia.
  2. Closely work with the 3D Art/Design and Animation teams.

Comart Innovation Labs, Dadar

In October 2017, I was hired as onsite contractual Unity3D VR developer. My job was to develop an HTC Vive Demo to be showcased at the 'Audi Weekender Programme'. I collaborated with a designer and a 3D modeller to create a 5 minute VR Experience. The demo was done entirely using the timeline feature in Unity 2017 and took about 15 days to complete.
The experience allowed customers to visualize & customize Audi A4 and Audi R8 in VR, also allowing interactive features using the Vive Controllers.
Unity Lighting Prototype for a client
Fixing bugs, implementing Leaderboards for Square Panda Apps

Aegon Hackathon Challenge

I partnered with my client Niyati Technologies as a Unity3D Game Developer to participate in a 24 Hour Aegon hackathon challenge. This client work was onsite at Aegon's center in Powai. Although we did not win the challenge, it was great fun working with the tech and design teams from Niyati.
At Cubedots Pvt. Ltd.
At Cubedots, We created Arch Viz applications in Unity3D. As a junior programming, I designed and developed, apps for Raheja Imperia, Worli and Raheja Exotica, Madh Island. I was instrumental in the pre-production, design & the development of a proprietary application that would later for used for company funding.
As a team lead, I was responsible for:
  1. Supervision of the ongoing Unity3D projects.
  2. Collaborating with the art and design departments to ensure the Quality requirements are met.
  3. Developing the core backbone of the app, writing and maintaining reusable code to ensure productivity and efficiency.
  4. General bug fixing and resolving issues faced by the clients.