A 2D Sci fi Platformer
2132 A.D
Dagobah System,
It is a period of Civil War. The extremists have already overthrown the chancellor of the Republic. Dagobah System, with its two suns is their next target. They have destroyed one of the two suns that power the system using a nuclear bomb. The fate of Dagobah rests on a young T400 droid unit who intercepts the encrypted code to diffuse the other bomb.
Your mission is to guide the droid across the dystopian terrain of Dagobah to defuse the bomb. But beware, the path is full of obstacles to stop the droid from accomplishing its mission.
Planet Doom is just another Sci-fi platformer that draws inspiration from the sci-fi movies that we all love.
Get this game, you will instantly fall in love the its central character, play upto 10 levels with cool graphics and particle effects.
If you enjoy challenging platformers then this is the game for you.