Who am I?


I'm a 29 year old guy living in Mumbai, India. I left my job in 2017 to become a full time freelancer. Dedicated and passionate towards my craft, I always try to learn new stuff be it related to games or tech in general. In my free time, I like to read, watch Twitch live streams & play games on my Xbox One.
I enjoy the comfort of my home and work solo most of the time with Google and Stackoverflow as my best friends. However, I'm planning to open up my own studio in the future. This will allow me to work in a team to serve my clients and simultaneously work on my own IP.
Games in general have always intrigued me ever since my childhood. I used to play a lot of DOS games transitioning to the PC made by AAA studios in the early 2000s.
I believe that games are just small part of a much larger domain, that can have a significant impact on people's lives. Apart from games, I'm also interested in AR/VR, graphic computing, IOT, and mobile computing.



Masters in Information Security

NIT Bhopal

In 2013, I passed the GATE qualification exam with good grades and decided to take up my Master's Education in NIT, Bhopal. Under the guidance of Dr. Praveen Kaushik, I completed my thesis in Intrusion Detection. "Using ML Techniques to improve feature selection in Intrusion Detection."


B.E in Information Technology

Mumbai University

With a strong background in technical foundations of graphic computing, it is very easy for me to grasp new programming techniques and languages. I passed my Bachelor's degree with distinction in 2012.


Higher School Certificate

Maharashtra State Board, India

It was during my years in high school that I first learnt C++ and found it fascinating. It was one of my favourite subjects in school along with Mathematics. I was also one of the top rankers in my college during those days.


Secondary School Certificate

Maharashtra State Board, India

It was during my childhood days that I played most of the games including pokemon online, CS and Fifa and decided to take up game programming as a career.

Feb 2016- June 2017

Cubedots Pvt. Ltd, Indore, India

Lead Unity3D Programmer

After my Master's, I joined Cubedots Pvt. Ltd. as a junior Unity3D programmer. My role was to develop interactive real estate apps for architectural visualization (Mobile/VR). I closely worked with art and design teams to integrate interactive 3D models of floorplans. . I then became the Team Lead managing a group of 3 developers.

June 2017- Present

Indie Game Developer


I managed to land some freelance gigs after I left my job at Cubedots. I enjoyed the freedom and the perks of a freelance developer and since this business was lucrative, I decided to become a full time freelancer. Nowadays, I am available to work remotely or onsite (in Mumbai if required). In my free time, I work on my own IP games and learn new stuff related to games.

I have worked with 10+ clients in my freelancing career. The preferred game engine of choice Unity3D with C# as my primary language. I'm decent enough in C++ and Javascript too. The 3 main virtues that I follow in my field are persistence, perserverance and patience. With these virtues, I feel anything can be achieved. I've taken up as a challenge this year to learn UE4 and level design.

Unity3D Programming

Visual Studio, C#

Game Design





I've worked on and shipped titles to the following platforms.