Shubh Aarambh Promotional Game

This is a promotional game for the TV Show "Shubh Aarambh".
I was given a subcontract by Simpli5 Infotech to develop this game in a span of 7 days. My role was to develop and publish it on the Facebook Instant Games Messenging Platform present on Android,iOS as well as the Web browsers.
Hence I had to create a WebGL build from Unity and that integrate the FB Instant SDK written in JS. This only challenge I faced in the development was the SDK integration, but since I was familiar with JS and HTML5, I didn't face any major hurdles and the game was published on time.

  1. A game of Luck, you get to play as Raja and Rani.
  2. You get 10 chances to maximize your profit. Top 10 players win exciting prizes!
  3. Faced challenges in integrating FB Login and Leaderboards support present in the JS Instant SDK.
  4. Provided analytics support to find out the top 10 players of the game.