Simulation, Education States of Matter

In November 2019, I worked with Escavel Edtech Innovations LLP, Pune as a remote developer on this project "States of Matter". The essential idea of this use case is to simulate the different states of matter. i.e Solids, Liquids and Gases along with the molecular structure and the phase changes.
My role was to design and develop this entire simulation from scratch in Unity 2019.1.
This simulation helps high school students understand the basic principles of chemistry in an interactive manner.
The main challenge was to show realistic particle effects to simulate vapours/bubbles, phase changes when Ice is heated (Fusion & Vaporisation), iodine is heated and cooled(Sublimation & Deposition) and the heavy vapours when dry ice is mixed with warm water. I also designed the Ideal Gas Law Simulator experiment for students to understand (PV = nRT) equation better.
My job was to:

  1. Analyze, design and improve the basic design document provided by the client.
  2. Work on getting realistic particle effects to simulate vapours, steam, bubbles etc when water is heated.
  3. Simulate the molecular structure using Rigidbodies and play around with particle physics.
  4. Communicate the design changes with the client and improve it to meet the requirements.