VR Mystery/Escape room game similar to 'I expect you to die'
This project was short since the game was already in the finishing stages when I was hired. The essential problem that the developers at Nipsapp Gaming studios were facing was that one of the developers working on this project had left the company. It was my task to understand the bugs that the finishing stages of the project and fix them. I helped Nipsapp Gaming studios to fine tune/polish their game and publish it on the steam platform.
The game using Hurricane VR (toolkit) as a primary means of interaction in VR (SteamVR) and hence I had to learn this toolkit in a short period of time.
The description of the game reads:
You are a detective in Wales and have been asked by the Prince regent, king George the 4th, to go and investigate an old Asylum that has for decades been the subject of mystery and fear. Reports of, paranormal activity, and misconduct from the staff. All you have as any clues to what is going on there are the reports of a Dr. Hereford, A young doctor from England that moved out to the asylum 30 years ago to study three patients that were having shared delusions. The problem is that you only have one page of the report. Through the game, you will find keys to unlock doors, objects that will help you get through puzzles, and pages of Dr. Hereford's report that tell us the story of what happened.