Adventure The Unknown City

The Unknown City is a FPS Zombie Horror Shooter produced by client Yash Future Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. I was roped in as a bug fixer and a tester this project during its finishing stages. Essentially, my job was to make sure that this projet got published on its desired platforms including PS4, Xbox One and Steam.
When I received this project, it was in a terrible state and not in a condition of going live. I took up the resonsibility to get this failed project to atleast a reasonable degree of acceptance, though it still looks terrible IMO, but my main aim is to satisfy the client and in this case, the client was reasonably happy with my work.
My job was to

  1. Analyze and resolve the bug list prepared by the client.
  2. Implement weapon inventory system as an add-on feature in the game.
  3. Optimize the level environments for each platform.
  4. Microsoft and Sony PS4 TRC compliance check and resolve.
  5. Implement Multi-language support with English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Dutch.