Taking up The 100 days of Code Challenge

Hey Folks,

I’ve decided to take up the 100 Days of code challenge. The rules are as follows:

  1. I will code for at least an hour every day for the next 100 days.
  2. I’ll remain committed to the challenge and tweet/blog my progress every day.
  3. Any missed day does not count.

Programming at work doesn’t count because then it wouldn’t be a challenge.

Why should I bother?

It’s not like I’m a complete beginner at coding. I consider myself an intermediate professionally coding for 3 years now mainly in C#. I’m also well versed with data structures and algorithms. I’ve taken up this challenge mainly to improve my analytical skills as a programmer and to expand my knowledge in programming. I’m well versed with the Unity3D C# API, but the focus is mainly on getting things done and not generally on code structure, architecture, and optimization. Very often I see that during the start of any project, the code remains clean and understandable. But during the course of the project, classes get disorganized and larger and harder to maintain.

Areas of Focus

My focus will be to improve my programming principles so that it improves code readability and usability. This would mean focusing on design patterns, following agile principles methodology and taking up case studies analyzing other asset store package templates for their code structure.

I’ll upload my projects to my GitHub page so that I can check up on my progress in the near future. 

And as Richard Feyman said, The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. Therefore, I will blog about my progress, maybe once every couple of days.

Other than C#, I’m familiar with Javascript ES5 since I’ve coded a couple of games before in Phaser.js. I wish to learn ES6 and the object oriented version of JS and then use this knowledge to implement a simple game in Phaser. I also wish to learn Ajax scripting and maybe will use it to create some kinda predictive text parser. I would also mean brushing up HTML5, CSS skills since all these are pretty much related. A-Frame and AR.js are some other commonly used WebGL javascript engines worth learning.

I’ve also decided to implement Alexa skills. Alexa, I believe uses Node.js to run and implement fun skills and games will be fun. I’ve a few ideas for games and hopefully by the end of the challenge, I’ll take part in some Alexa Dev competition as well.

If time permits, I would also like to learn Python and ML. I’ve been introduced to Python syntax before and would use that knowledge to learn some ML framework maybe Tensor flow or Neural Nets. But this is just far fetched, my focus will be just to code for at-least an hour a day outside my work schedule and write about it.

To know more about this challenge, visit their official website


So here’s me wishing myself Best of Luck!!